12 Rolls 2 (1.88”/48mm) X 54 YDs Pro-Grade Blue Painters Tape, Medium Adhesive That Sticks Well but Leaves no Residue Behind by KIWIHUB

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Size Name:12 Rolls 1.88” WHY CHOOSE US? In order to do a PRO painters tape, we have extensively tested a variety of brands under actual conditions, including some big brands, and finally recommend this KIWIHUB painter tape to you. It comes in a pack of 12 long rolls at a fraction of the cost compared to other brands, giving you the best value for your money. KIWIHUB Blue Painters Tape is a multi-use tape featuring a specially formulated, medium tack adhesive. This works for textured and semi-rough surfaces which gives the tape the tackiness it needs to adhere to your surface but still allows for clean removal for up to 14 days. If not overheated, your surface will be damage free and clear of residue. Blue masking tape is also UV resistant, so it can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. During the testing process, we found that even the best tapes can produce unpleasant results if not used properly. So For Best Results PLEASE: 1. Clean Baseboards and Molding Before Applying KIWIHUB Painter’s Tape Start every job by quickly wiping down the surface with a clean damp rag. Even the best tape will have a hard time staying put if it is applied to a dusty surface. Wait until surface is dry before applying tape. 2. Press Down Painter’s Tape to Ensure a Good Seal Use a flexible putty knife (or press hard with your finger) and run it along the edge of the tape to ensure a good bond. This will help prevent paint from seeping under the edge of the tape. 3. REMOVE ASAP! The adhesive in painters tape is known as semi-permanent removable. If you leave it on for over a month then you will have great difficulty removing it. It will tear and leave residue behind. 4. Remove Painter’s Tape By Pulling Away Slowly at a 45 Degree Angle



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