480ea – 20 X 30 Quire Fold PRM Mtt Mocha BRWN Tissue Ppr

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480ea – 20′ X 30′ Quire Fold Prm Mtt Mocha Brwn Tissue Ppr – Use our bright saturated, water-fast, color tissue to fit your exact packaging or decorating need. Paper Mart offers two types of 20′ X 30′ quality colored tissue to fit your exact need.(G/M) Glossy/Matte Surface Flat Tissue PaperThis tissue is made of the very best virgin paper. This premium tissue displays an evenly thick sheet of fine paper and is additionally machine finished (MF) on one side to give a slightly glossy solid upscale look. Best used for gift bags and packaging where the consistency of paper and gloss and matte variation in textures create an upscale look. Stand out from the pack. It is sold in packages of 240 or 480 flat sheets.(M/M) Matte/Matte Surface, Flat or Folded Tissue PaperThis tissue is made 100% of recycled paper. Recycled paper has shorter fibers and therefore makes a more uneven sheet with a cloudy appearance. This is the same recycled tissue that many other companies sell. Best used for craft and decoration where a matte finish on both sides of the tissue is desired.Flat: Sold in packages of 480 flat sheets.Folded: Sold in packages of 480 sheets, made up of 20 soft folded packets each containing 24 sheets (quires). If you would like to buy only one or more quires please find them 656.



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