Averill Bay Sky Lanterns, 21 PCS Sky Lanterns Paper Eco Friendly, Ideal for Wedding, Birthday, Christmas, Party (White)

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A sky lantern, also knowm as Kongming lantern or Chinese lantern, is a small hot air ballon made of paper, with an opening at the bottom where a small fire is suspended. Write your personal wishes on our eco friendly sky lanterns (100% BIODEGRADABLE), and released them into the night sky for play or as part of long-established festivities. It is considered good luck to release a sky lantern, and mamy people also believe the sky lanterns are symbolic of problems and worries floating away.Then a multitude of flying paper lanterns are launched into the air where they resemble large flocks of giant fluorescent jellyfish gracefully floating by through the sky. As part of celebrations, a sky lantern is a unique gift for special events, perfect for festivals, birthdarys, weddings, graduation celebrations, Memorials and much more. Specifications:Sky lanterns material: fire resistant rice paper, mentalSky lantern color: white Sky lantern height: 76 cm/ 30 inchSky lantern diameter: 33 cm/ 14 inchLaunch Instructions 1. Carefully remove lantern from its packaging and expand it to its full size.2. If you wish to write a personal message, do so by laying the lantern on a flat, dry surface and write gently with the included markers (or a large felt tip).3. Hold the lantern upright from the top.4. Ideally a 2nd person holds a flame to the fuel cell to light it; note that this could take upwards of a full minute.5. As the lantern fills with hot air, it will start to lift; gently guide its take off, then let go.What you will get✓ 21 x sky lanterns✓ Free Replacement✓ Money Back Guarantee ✓ Secure Payment & Shipping✓ Genuine Customer CareClick ADD TO CART on the top of this page to enjoy a specifical moment.



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