Cloud Buster Balloons Giant Balloon 84 inch 7 foot Latex Quality | Red (Red)

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Giant Balloons are individually packed with 2 zip ties. Instructions for inflating the giant balloon are in the package as well. Streamers are sold separately and must include a high tensile strength cord inside the streamer (pennant flag). If you buy streamers, make sure they have the cord in them or you at rick of your balloon floating away. The large balloons should be inflated up to about 5-6 feet so that they have room to expand in the sun, inflating the balloon up to it max size is fun, but the giant balloons maximum capacity is 84 inches, seven feet large. Clients that use these balloons are typically auto dealerships, events, weddings, performers. These Giant Balloons can be used at events, tethered to ceilings, used as backgrounds, and more to get attention to your event and make your event look amazing with these giant balloons. FAQ- – How much helium will you need? About 65 cubic feet of helium, to get it up to 5.5 feet large. – Where is the best price for helium? PraxAir or AirGas – Are there any special tools I will need to inflate this balloon? No. A standard helium rubber nipple is the only thing required. – Can I use air? SURE! an inexpensive leaf blower be used to inflate the balloon to size. – How do the balloons get tied off? Each balloon comes with 2 zip-ties. Twisting the tongue of the balloon, zip-tie one at the base of the balloon, then (making a loop) use the other zip-tie. Use that loop to tie your pennant flags onto the balloon. – How much lift power is in the balloon? About 4.5 pounds of lift using standard helium mixed gas. (Make sure your helium is not ‘cut’ with regular air, as it will make your balloon not have as much lift) – Under inflate your balloon for best results! Under inflating the balloon slightly (sun or indoor lights, etc. will heat up) – Balloons are one time use (typically) *We Guarantee Our Products! Please return any balloons (even popped), and see amazon return policy.



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