Halloween Wishlantern® (Pack of 50)

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Halloween Wish Lanterns From Wishlantern Wishlantern developed our Halloween lanterns in 2008. They are built to the same exacting specifications as our wish lanterns but have a pumpkin face around the whole of the lantern – bringing a great effect to your Halloween celebrations. Constructed with a thin bamboo frame and rice paper the Halloween lanterns. Wish lanterns are 99% biodegradable and create an amazing visual effect that adds enjoyment and wonder to any special occasion. All you have to do is light the fuel cell, wait for the lanterns to fill up with hot air and then let go. You and your guests will gaze as the Wish Lantern floats up to the sky. Using the power of fire, the Wishlantern will be in the air for about 12 minutes and go up over a mile in the air. Halloween lanterns are the perfect way to celebrate the season. All our Wish Lanterns are individually wrapped and this pack has fifty Halloween Wish Lanterns inside.



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