Living Easy Rose Petals- Real Rose Petals. Wedding Petals from Flyboy Naturals 60

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60 cups Living Easy Preserved Freeze Dried Rose Petals. Real Rose Petals. Wedding Petals. Rose Petals range in size from medium to large. A lovely multi colored rose petal that adds color & beauty to every event! Add a splash of color to your wedding or special event with this lovely rose petal! Approximately 45 per cup 15 cups = 675 petals 30 cups = 1,530 petals 60 cups = 3,000 petals 120 cups = 5,760 petals 240 cups = 11,250 petals 300 cups = 13,500 petals. Approximate weight 4-5lbs CREATE A ROMANTIC EVENING… A MAGICAL MOMENT TO TREASURE! Just imagine your sweetheart opening the door…following a trail of rose petals… a candlelight room, champagne… your bed covered in petals. You get the picture? Romance…a night of passion! Remember, our petals are 100% natural, they are not slippery in normal conditions, they won’t wilt & are bio-degradable. Given the proper care (simple steps) our rose petals can last for many months…even years!!! The Rose Petals SETTLE in shipment…Just open the bag & fluff the petals…watch them grow in volume. Non-staining, Not slippery, 100% all natural, eco-friendly, bio-degradable & affordable rose petals! Flyboy Naturals rose petals are the preferred choice of most venues & event planners! COLOR MAY VARY FROM YOUR MONITOR!



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