Morepack Clear Cello/Cellophane Basket Bags for Gift Wrap, 32x40inch (20 Pack)

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Package Quantity:20 SIZE: 32x40inch Basket-size clear Extra Thick 2mil cello bags are premium quality for top-performance!   These basket bags meet FDA requirements for direct food contact and provide excellent barrier properties for food baskets.  Instructions: Step 1: Wrap – Place your item in the bag Step 2: Seal – Completely seal the open end of the bag with an impulse heat sealer or strong tape Step 3: Shrink – On low setting, hold your hair dryer or heat gun 5” from the surface of the bag. Starting from one end of the bag, heat the bag until it begins shrinking.  Be careful not to apply heat to the same area for an extended period of time. Morepack:Super clarity & sheen. Larger size can be resized by trimming to fits the smaller itemsUse heat gun, heat tunnel or hair dryer to shrink & the sealer to seal (hair dryer is the last choice for its less perfect shrinkage rate) Less money for morepack



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