Qualatex 16 Geo Donut White Latex Balloons (25ct)

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These unique donut shaped balloons are sure to make a big impact at your next party or special event. These large white geo donut latex balloons will add a splash of color to your party decor! Use alone or combine with other foil or latex balloons for a custom balloon arrangement! These balloons ship flat and can be filled with air or helium. Ribbon not included. Measures 16′. 25 per package. To inflate geo donut latex balloons. 1. Grasp the base of the balloon, not the neck. This will prevent inflation into the balloon neck and ensure easier tying. 2. Inflate the balloon to its full, designated size. (Underinflated GEO® balloons will have a greatly reduced float time.) Do not inflate by mouth. Use an air inflator or helium inflation regulator. 3. Tie the balloon as high up on the neck as possible to maintain its special shape. For best results, first fully inflate GEO balloons with air, then deflate to stretch the balloons so they can be inflated even larger the second time.



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